Meet The Executive Director

Hi! My name is Jennifer Hudson, the President of Hudson Property Services and Start Fresh Laundry, our new non-profit! I have been a Stanly County resident for 14 years and a medic for 13 years so obviously I am big into helping the community and giving my all to those in need. I created Start Fresh Laundry because I want to make sure that every child in the Stanly County School System has a fresh start to their school week. Our goal is to launder all clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, etc, on a weekly basis. Really anything that will give our students a boost to their week. Our goal here is to boost their self-esteem and lower the chances of them being bullied for having clothes that are not clean. Our children are our future and we are so excited to be able to offer a program like this to our kids.

Start Fresh Laundry program


Our Mission

Start Fresh Laundry is dedicated to ensuring every child has clean clothes, promoting dignity and well-being. We provide laundry services to families facing challenges, fostering a sense of hope and community. Join us in making a difference - one child at a time!

Our Service

Our service includes picking up, laundering each student's clothes separately, using special detergents if needed, folding, and then dropping the clothes back off to them. This will be a discrete service to all students if need be.

Washing Process

We understand that there may be some children with allergies and we will have different detergents and fabric softeners available for all.

Enroll Student

Start Fresh Laundry is currently accepting donations and sponsors. To make a donation, please send us an email at

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