Wash and fold laundry services near you

Wash-and-fold Laundry Services Near you

Hudson Property Services offers wash and fold laundry services offering a convenient and time-saving solution for individuals seeking to alleviate the burden of household chores. These services typically involve customers dropping off their dirty laundry, and the professionals take care of the entire washing, drying, and folding process.

This service enables you to reclaim precious time that would otherwise be spent on tedious laundry tasks. Wash and fold services are not only efficient but also provide a level of expertise in handling different fabrics and garment types.

The convenience extends to flexible pickup, making it a practical choice for busy individuals or those without access to laundry facilities. This is a reliable and time-efficient solution to keep your clothes fresh and neatly folded.

Wash-and-dry service process

Laundry drop off near you

drop off laundry

Drop off your laundry at our wash-and-fold drop-off location.

Wash and dry services near you

Laundry Scanned

All of your laundry items will then be properly scanned ensuring all pockets are emptied and then processed.

Laundry services near you

Laundry Sorted

Finally, your laundry will be sorted ensuring that whites, lights, and darks are treated with proper care!

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